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2018 Liverpool Experience Winners

Claymore Wines would like to congratulate Ian Gray and Pamela Honeysett from Glengowrie, as the lucky winners of the “Liverpool Experience” competition. The prize includes a trip for two people to Liverpool in the UK valued at more than $6,000. Ian was selected in a random draw by Claymore Wines, and will be taking his partner Pamela Honeyset on their first visit to the UK.

Winner Ian Gray said he is "over (the dark side) of the moon" to be the lucky recipient of the prize.

“I have never travelled to the UK before and really only ever expected that it would be a trip I would do in retirement,” Ian said. “To have the opportunity of being taken to the UK as a prize and with the privilege of being a guest at a Liverpool home game as the pinnacle of the trip, it's going to be a life story and memory that will remain with Pamela and I always.”

2017 Liverpool Experience Winners

Tony and Barbara Hall from Maryborough in Victoria were the lucky winners of the 2017 Claymore Wines Members Club ‘Liverpool Experience’ competition.

Tony and Barbara used the trip to visit family in the UK. They were delighted to win the trip, and were able to create unforgettable memories, "We had the most amazing time in England,” Barbara said. “It was so lovely to catch up with our son Alex and his husband Seb, my uncle and cousin, and Tony’s cousin and partner. It was a real family catch up, with so many happy memories.”

“Liverpool is such a beautiful place. We thoroughly enjoyed the Liverpool FC match, where we enjoyed wonderful food and Claymore wines. We also enjoyed the emotional experience of singing along to You’ll Never Walk Alone.

“We never expected to win such a wonderful prize. Our warmest thanks to all at Claymore Wines and LFC,” she said. 

2016 Liverpool Experience Winners

The 2016 winner, Andrew Hage, is very excited to be taking his fiancé Simone Roberts, originally from Manchester UK, on an early honeymoon as the couple were in the process of planning their nuptials for this September.

“Simone and I extremely excited about our up and coming adventure to the UK and still floating in the clouds from winning the prize,” Andrew said. “Simone is originally from the UK and is looking forward to going back to visit some of her family and old school friends. I grew up in the very English suburb of Para Hills sowatching games between Liverpool and Manchester United were a common occurrence. I've never really followed one particular football team but the Liverpool FC has been a massive part of my life growing up so it is very exciting to think that I'll be watching them play live at their home stadium.

“Both Simone and I are still very shocked about winning this amazing prize but we are also very grateful to both the Liverpool FC and Claymore Wines for this opportunity,” he said. 

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